Xiao-Yin Chen, M.S.

Doctoral Student, Graduate Research Scholar
Applied Cognition and Development
Mary Frances Early College of Education
University of Georgia

pronouns: she/her

My name is Xiao-Yin Chen, but most know me as “Yin.” I am a doctoral student in the Applied Cognition and Development program at the University of Georgia. Before this, I obtained both my Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Kentucky (go Cats!).

My research generally focuses on the social influences of motivation, but my greater purpose for this work is to examine ways to support college students who are minoritized in educational settings (e.g., women in STEM, first-generation college students, historically marginalized racial/ethnic students). This interest stems from my own experiences growing up in Appalachia as a first-generation Chinese American. In the past, I was unable to engage with peers, mentors, teachers, or other social models that I could relate to. For example, I didn’t have my first Chinese teacher until college. Even then, I’ve rarely had opportunities to be mentored by individuals who share my Appalachian roots.

Throughout my graduate studies, I’m learning more and more about how to love myself as a human. So aside from this more serious work, I have great interests in saving the planet (through a minimal waste lifestyle); I spend a lot of my time (and money) stanning Taylor Swift; and I love to challenge myself through weightlifting (squat PR is 225 lbs!). Thanks for stopping by.