Welcome to my life, Happy Planner. 8 Reasons Why You Need One Too!

Hello friends!

So, my planner addiction has been confirmed. I walked into Michael’s last week, and just could NOT pass up the Happy Planner from MAMBI (me & my BIG ideas). And yes, Eric scolded me a little bit for it. One of my high school teachers (who also loves and feeds my addiction) mentioned this planner to me, and I just sort of looked away from it. I had just spent a week designing my own planner, and was not ready to give it up just yet.

But as the semester went by, and I am getting more involved in programs here at UK (You are now looking at the UK Mountain Cats Short Term Trips Chair!), I have begun to realize that my planner wasn’t cutting it. And of course, my attention span with planners is about three months (guilty as charged)…I get tired of looking at the same ol’ thing, and always need a fresh start.

Is this love at first site?
Is this love at first sight?

But…let me tell you, I am IN LOVE this new planner. This planner has given me life this week! I am so eager to pull out my books and complete my homework, JUST so I can check it off my list. Plus, for every hour of studying I do, I’ve been giving myself five minutes to mess around with it/decorate it/fill it—fantastic motivation!

If you have not picked up this planner, you must, and here’s why you should:

1. It’s cheap.

I picked up this planner at Michael’s for about $20. Of course, it was a little more than that, but hello, everyone knows everything as Michael’s is basically 40% off (they always have coupons!!). This is such a great price, especially when considering that this planner goes from July 2015 to December 2015—That’s a year and half worth of planning, and you won’t have to buy another one for a while.

2. In fact, you probably will never have to buy another one again.

You can buy add-ons for this planner, including notes pages, more monthly inserts, etc. And it is definitely cheaper than buying a new one! Almost everything is interchangeable and customizable, including the cover, the ring, the pages….everything! I just went to buy a pack of note pages to put into mine.

3. You can tear the pages out, AND THEN PUT THEM BACK IN.

What a marvelous invention!! It’s nothing like a three-ring binder punch, you just easily push them in, and viola! It’s definitely something you have to see for yourself—I have nothing to compare it to, because there is simply nothing like it. This is wonderful for those who like to decorate their weekly spreads. Covering it with washi is now 100x easier!

They just pop in and out so easily. 

4. The weekly spreads are unique.

You are never totally stuck with the same old pre-printed designs every week. One week may have quotes, the other may have a cute pattern, and the months have varying color combinations. My attention span just got a lot longer because I get a fresh new design every week.

5 . Inspirational quotes!!

It is so lovely to read a little bit of a pick me up every few weeks. As a bit of a pessimistic person, these really brighten my day 🙂

6. You can buy sticker packs that fit the planner perfectly.

I LOVE that MAMBI sells supplies that fit your planner to the smallest degree. I never have to worry about sizing. They are always just the right size.

7. It totally beats the Erin Condren planner.

In price and in convenience. I can buy all the supplies locally, without having to order it online. It’s incredibly cost efficient, and I don’t have to look at the same thing every week! Plus, I just flat out hated that overly used little asterisk symbol after a year of staring at it!

Of course, there are some avid Erin Condren fans out there—I was one for a long time! But this planner is REALLY similar (especially if you love her vertical layout!) and SO much more convenient on my budget and my life.

8. Uhh…I just looked on MAMBI’s site and you can buy kits for it!

WHAT WHAT WHAT I NEED ONE NOW!! *hint my birthday is coming up y’all*

Here a few snapshots of my planner thus far:

My October Monthly Spread. Hmm, didn’t realize how plain jane it was…on to decorating!!
I just LOVE this washi set!
This week’s spread. I should definitely start posting these on Instagram—get me a follow and we can make this happen.

So, if you haven’t picked up a planner this year yet, I definitely recommend this one. I mean, how can you not already be in love with it? Also, it would make a great gift for anyone that has a knack for organization!

Thanks for reading,


How did you like this review? What do you like/dislike about this planner? Do you have another planner favorite? Why is it the bomb dot com? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

*Okay guys, I’m really going to try to make a post every Friday. Hopefully, I’ll hear from you next week. Until then, have a wonderful day!

DIY: 3 Steps to Make Patterned Binder Clips

Hey guys!

So, it’s almost been a MONTH since I’ve made a post (bad on my part). But the truth is, this blog has kind of just been a hobby of mine and, with school starting up again, I’ve not really been making this a priority. That being said, today, I was writing notes and I looked at my binder clip that I use to split my notes into pages (sort of like a book mark, but putting sections together, rather than marking one page), and it was ugly. A little light bulb kind of went off in my head and after making a few clips of my own, I was compelled to share the idea with you!

Now, I am all about buying school supplies. I probably have enough supplies to provide a small middle school (heh)! But, more than that, I love buying cheap school supplies. And cheap means, a lot of my stuff is the basic bare minimum. I’m a simple girl; you know that. The unfortunate factor is that cheap can also mean poorly aesthetic, and not very pleasing to the eye.

I do tend to splurge on cute little notebooks and post its, etc. But when it comes down to what I use for class, I usually just go with the cheapest: plain white binders, with regular college ruled paper, and other basic materials. I do this because (1) if I buy a pattern notebook or binder, I will like the pattern for a couple of weeks…and by the end of the semester I’m just kind of done with it, (2) decorated material tends to cost more, and why am I paying someone else to decorate MY materials, when I could decorate it myself the way I want for less?, and (3) I like my materials to be unique; if I can buy it at the store, so can a hundred other students in the area.

So, after all that, I come to you with an easy DIY to make your own patterned binder clips because they ain’t cheap. I mean, seriously, decorated binder clips are usually like $5 for a pack of four. And you may not even like all the patterns! Also, I haven’t really seen this DIY anywhere…which is surprising because it’s SO SIMPLE, and it uses material you already have laying around. When I thought of it, I was questioning why it took so long to think of this. Once you learn the materials, you can probably already guess what we’re going to do with them!

Here goes:


  • washi, or fabric tape
  • binder clips
  • scissors
Step One: cut your washi/fabric tape approximately 3/4" long. This length should cover the size of a mini-binder clip. You may just have to judge by eye for other sizes.
Step One: cut your washi/fabric tape approximately 3/4″ long. This length should cover the size of a mini-binder clip. You may just have to judge by eye for other sizes.
Step Two: Stick the tape on the binder clip. I've found that 15mm washi tape is the PERFECT size for these mini-clips. Of course, if your washi is too small, you can use two layers. If it's too big, you can cut it down!
Step Two: Stick the tape on the binder clip. I’ve found that 15mm washi tape is the PERFECT size for these mini-clips. Of course, if your washi is too small, you can use two layers. If it’s too big, you can cut it down.
Step 3: Fold over the tape to cover the three sides of your binder clip! &That was IT!
Step 3: Fold over the tape to cover the three sides of your binder clip. &That was IT!
Viola! Now you have super cute binder clips that cost you essentially nothing more!
Viola! Now you have super cute binder clips that weren’t super expensive and fit your taste!

So yeah, it was that easy. Now you’re probably wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself.

Another cool thing about these is that you are never really “stuck” with one pattern. If you decide tomorrow that you don’t like pink polka dots anymore, you can simply peel off the tape and reapply a different pattern. Then you can continue to reuse clips and have virtually an infinite number of cute binder clips!

Thanks for reading,


Well, that’s all. I hope to hear from you, and hope to be back soon (depending on how vigorous this semester is)! Let me know what you all think about this DIY, and feel free to share pictures of your own clips you’ve made!