I love my hometown

I just wanted to take a moment to express my love for my hometown.

Today, I visited a site where a group of volunteers from UK and I will be staying for a weekend to do community service. My, my, my…it was absolutely gorgeous.

My drive was absolutely perfect. I rolled down the windows, the sun was shining and I smelled the morning for the first in a long time. I’ve since been bottled up in Lexington cold. I was so ready for spring back home.

Passing through, for the first time, I wasn’t aggravated by slow moving trucks because it meant that people have work to do here. I didn’t mind giving them enough space behind them to do their jobs.

I missed being greeted by those passing my house in the morning. I love seeing familiar faces with a smile, as they walk their dogs on the sidewalks of my small town. I missed the only three traffic lights I’m ever stopped by while I’m here. I’ve stopped there over a hundred times in my life. Never once did I take a moment to be thankful for the views.

I missed seeing billboards with local advertisements and support. Jordan Smith is definitely doing great things! I missed the localness of the signs put up at restaurants. “Get Well Soon Larry,” it said. I remember Larry. He’s served me several times at DQ—I hope he does get well soon!

I know there are so many people that try to run from this small town in the hills. I know because I ran too. I ran off to college to find something better, something that would yield opportunities I would never have if I stayed home.

But man, the opportunities here—I miss them the most, now knowing what they are.

Here, I can sit at a bonfire just about any summer night and listen to the fire crackle with crickets in the background. I can jump at any sound of a twig breaking with paranoia of a wild animal close by. But that’s nature, and it’s beautiful.

I can hike to a mountain top to see sights that Lexington could never imitate. I can find hidden waterfalls or gorgeous views that no one knows about but my hometown.

I can go further and see wild horses; feed them apples or carrots or just watch them stand gracefully on the mountaintop as if they were taking in the view as well.

There is so much here that many take for granted. I refuse to be one of them.


Thanks for reading,



One thought on “I love my hometown

  1. Your hometown loves you! Yin, your expressions of appreciation and love for the things that matter set you apart. I love you!! God bless !

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