Make This Semester Better Than the Last!

Andddddd we’re back. Back to school, that is! (Wow, that was really corny)

Now that school is starting to pop upon again, I felt a little bit intrigued to put some tips down on paper; what can I do now to make this semester even better than the last? Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Continue to stay organized— If you haven’t figured me out by now, this is a no-brainer for me. I have to stay organized. My well-being is on the line here. If things start to get clustered and fuzzy, I get clustered and fuzzy, and I am no good as a student. I’m just a big blur of “NOPE.” A short list “should do” list before education really kicks in:
    • get a planner! (might I suggest the one I made?)
    • make a list of goals WITH deadlines
    • plan a “hypothetical week“; create a vague plan for each day of the week and make time for other important events of the day (i.e. eating, napping, exercise, studying, cleaning, etc.). This keeps you accountable for ALL the important things in your life and makes for less of those panicky “OMG I have no time for anything today. College is so stressful!” sessions
  2. Be prepared— If you’re reading this right now, you are probably already in that “back to school” mindset, which is exactly what I’m talking bout! Being prepared is the #1 to not letting the first week smack you in the face. No one likes getting slapped in the face…
    • Gather all your materials; Scout the websites and bookstores for all your required books. This stuff can get super expensive, super fast. So go ahead and browse, or buy them as early as you can (Ya know, I think I might come back with more tips on this…). Stock up on pens, pencils, and paper.
    • Rate your professors; Get an idea of what class will be like. Whether from this site or from other students, it’s always nice to have sort of an idea of what you’re walking into!
    • Locate your classrooms; If you are new to a campus (and if its a big one), this is key. I was one giant mess my first couple of days of class at UK because I had NO idea where anything was! One of my friends went on a run all over campus before classes started so that he could be familiar with campus (awesome because exercise). Whether it’s finding the fastest route to class or learning the whole campus map, make sure that you are confident that you can show up to class on time and in the right spot!
  3. Start Fresh— Out with the old, in with the new. This is what a new semester should be about! No matter how good or bad your last semester was, you are going to learn new material and will have new experiences to go along with it. Remember, that this is a fresh start and, sometimes, this is such a great feeling, so feel it!
    • Get rid of everything old and useless!; This can be difficult for me because I am SUCH a hoarder. I have so much “crap” that is just so pointless, sitting in my room and taking up space. I mean, is the bathroom mat I’ve had for years even soaking up water anymore? Not really…Why do I need that vase of dead flowers from my senior prom? I don’t…
    • Change your room layout; Much easier if you are moving into a new dorm. Changing the look of your room (and cleaning it along the way) is a great way to put yourself in a “fresh” environment and give you the mindset of starting over.
  4. Carry a Positive Attitude— This is a must have. Your attitude determines your power over your circumstances. Don’t succumb to the overwhelming stresses of a new semester, instead think positively to keep going!
    • Buy an inspirational quotes calendar; Start your day with an positive quote to linger in your mind all day. It’s actually kind of nice!
    • Surround yourself with good people; Don’t just jump into any crowd. Find people that carry the same goals with which you can all try to pursue together. Find relationships that not only support you, but push you!
    • Write down 3 positive thoughts every morning; I like to keep a “Happy List” in my phone, where I can jot down things I am happy for that particular day, or things that I truly feel like I am thankful for. Once you start to look for positivity in your life, it will come.

While no semester is perfect, I do believe that, as students, it is our job to set the semester off on the right foot. We should be excited for the opportunities given to us and motivated to make the most of every learning experience. No, I’m not quite ready to let summer be over, but the semester is arriving shortly and I want to make the best of it! Good luck to all my student/teacher readers. Have a blessed semester 🙂

Thanks for reading,


What are your thoughts on this post? What other things can you do to make this semester better than the last? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t be afraid to share 🙂

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