Hope In Humanity

Lately, I’ve been finding so much struggle with my faith in the world. As I watch the news, or browse on the internet, I continually find myself displeased with society.

I’ve realized that as I’ve grown older, I have become less trusting of the world around me. I find a paranoia growing in the background. I am living in fear, for no absolute reason. But I am realizing that this is because my faith in humanity has nearly diminished, and I am still trying to find light in this darkness.

As proud as I am to live in America, I would be lying to say that we do not have our faults. I don’t like to be so nitty and gritty, but, from my perspective, I am incredibly disappointed. When I think of the history that our great country has undergone, I hate to see what we have made of it today. I really do. And that is incredibly sad because U.S. History is so interesting to me—I hate to think of how the history will seem to future generations.

When I think of Baltimore, or of the enormous split between politically parties, or the country’s love-hate relationship with the president, or LGBT rights, or all the other big controversies…I am disappointed in the way society treats this all. I feel as though we are never understanding of views that are not our own. We never look at both sides of the story to discuss the true problem or a way to solve it. We too easily side with what is more prominent concerning ourselves and never put the hands of others into consideration.

Of course, this is all not because of Americans alone. As I said before, I am not speaking in regards to solely Americans, but to humanity in general.

Today, while scrolling through Facebook feed—an online community to share interests—I was surprised to see that the “interest” of the day was of Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation. While I will not comment my “view” on this matter, I find myself genuinely disappointed in what the people of my community have dedicated their focus on. I am surprised, confused, and upset.

I am upset because there are so many more things that we should be interested in, yet this was the topic of our day.

I remember recently, after the horrific earthquake in Nepal, our topic was a few upset Americans stomping on the American flag. While I understand the amount of disbelief and disrespect that accompany that topic, I can’t seem to understand how that is more disgusting and horrifying than the thousands of deaths occurring that day in Nepal.

When I think about what our world is going through at the moment, I can’t seem to think that we, as a society, are becoming so self-obsessed and so distracted. I am disappointed that we lose interest in things that don’t benefit us directly, and that we, as a species, never seem to see ourselves as one.

As each business closes in my small hometown, I am so heartbroken. I am constantly thinking of ways to improve. Trying to find one way, just something, just anything that could help my community. But then I look at what the rest of my community is focused on, and, with all honesty, I feel a little hopeless. I know I’m not much, but where does anything start?

As I mature, I am finding that there are far more struggles in life than I have ever anticipated. I have always been a “pick your battles” type of person, but this has been bothering me so much lately. I am no one to call anyone out on their interests because, of course, I am also to blame for such selfishness and detachment.

Upon realizing this, I think I am ready to make a change, personally, to be more sympathetic and understanding of the world’s true hardships. And I think that maybe we all should take a second look at our priorities and be thankful for all that we have, and to do more for those who don’t have the same things. I hope that we, as a society, can continue to grow in a way that the meaning of “humanity” does not change into what many think it is today.

Thanks for reading,


Any thoughts on this? I would love to hear them. I know this is little bit of a bummer of a post, but this has been bothering me a lot lately. I can only wonder if anyone else is feeling the same…

2 thoughts on “Hope In Humanity

  1. Love your words. Don’t give up your search for the light in the darkness. All it takes is a small flame to ignite a forest fire. Keep writing. Keep inspiring.

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