Living Rural

It’s almost 1am, and I can’t seem to get this off my mind. So here’s to another late night blog.

As the flowers start to bloom, the sun shines brighter, and the days get longer, I almost feel trapped in this semi-urban city. Dang, I miss my hometown.

I felt like I wasted today. I would’ve never done that back home.

I woke up today, and drove downtown to run errands. I had lunch with my cousin. Then I came home, did homework, and cleaned a little bit. I walked outside for a minute to grab something I had left in my car, and the sun just begged me to stay out. The weather was just too nice, and I had nothing to do with it. Sad day.

I did play in it a little; I went to play tennis at the Johnson Center for a little bit. And that was fun. But that is no comparison to what I would’ve done if I were back home. I really missed out.

I really missed out on waking up to birds chirping, and then walking outside to smell the dew of the cold morning on the grass. Instead, I woke up to highway traffic and sirens. I walked outside to pavement and cars pulling out of their garages.

I missed out on empty back roads, where I can put my shades on and blast Taylor Swift with the windows down. Instead, I was stuck in traffic on Nicholasville road…awkwardly staring at the person in the car next to me—we had clashing music tastes (not so much a fan of Gansta Rap…sorry!).

I missed out on all the fish I would’ve attempted to catch today. I suppose they are really lucky this weekend!

I missed out on the wildlife. The off chance that I might see a fawn or a frog. Trust me, they are so much more interesting than squirrels and the neighbor’s dog.

I missed out on the bonfire in the yard in front of Eric’s house. I missed out on the smell of campfire and Smore’s. I know the Baskin Robbins on Richmond Road catches on fire every now and then, but that’s really not the same. At all.

The big thing I missed out on was nature. True nature, for what is is, not what some landscaper wanted it to look like. Instead of weeds and uncut grass and a natural environment, all I had was freshly cut grass and pristine garden arrangements that were just a little too perfect for me. Instead of mountains, I was left with tall buildings. Instead of railroad tracks, I was left with bicycle lanes. Instead of picking hiking paths, I was left with the fastest route to get home on Google Maps. It’s almost heartbreaking.

As spring is rolling in, I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot. It’s so easy to take these simple things for granted. There is nothing like living rural, especially in weather like this. Hopefully, I won’t have to waste too much daylight anymore. See you next weekend, Rural!

I really need to take originals soon.

Thanks for reading,


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