A Wishlist for My Future

1. A Family—I know I’ll always have one, whether it be biologically or not. But what would be the best, is one of my own. I really can’t wait to have tiny Asian babies, and do psychological experiments on them, as well as spoil the crap out of them. I think that if I were a mommy, I’d be happy no matter what.

2. True Love—At my age, I still find question the reality behind “true love.” Is it real or is it something I made up in my head watching movies, and reading books? If it is real, it would be really nice. I just want someone to come home to that will love me for everything I am and that I can love as well.

3. A Career I’m in Love With—If true love isn’t real, then I wish to at least fall in love with my life. I want to be able to sleep at night knowing that what I did that day was worthwhile, and make a living off of that as well. I want to be able to call myself successful. I want to be able to provide for myself and my family. I want to be able to love what I’m doing, and feel passionate about it.

4. World Experience—I am the world’s worst at Geography, but I want that to change. I want casual conversations about vacations to become a topic of my expertise. I want to hear about a place, and be able to recall a time that I was there, or in a place similar to it. I want to experience the world, and travel until I’m too old and fragile to do so. I want to see Amsterdam, and London. I want to go on a Safari in Africa, and I want to dance with the Irish. I want the world to become a smaller place so that I can feel like a part of it.

5. A Home—As much as I would love to travel and stay in a million places, I still want one to call home. I want to have neighbors that I can wave at from my yard, and kids that run around and play. I want a cozy house that suits my personality, that’s clean but warm at the same time. I want to be homesick when I leave, and happy to return. And then I want to stay there forever; to grow old there until the point where I can be known as the crazy Asian lady on ______ street.

6. Life Experience—Now, I feel as though my life is a game, and every time I do something cool I gain “experience” points. If it were a game, I want all the points possible. I want to beat the game and have the highest score. I want to be ranked. I want to go scuba diving and sky diving. I want to experience a happiness I can’t even imagine. I want to be able to tell stories to my grandkids that will intrigue them, and I want those memories to last forever.

7. A Clique—I really just want a social circle similar to those in Friends, if thats possible. I want a group of friends that will hang around until we’re five hundred years old, experiencing life together all at the same time. I want have friends that will throw me an insane bachelorette party, as well as babysit my kids. I want friends that will accept me when I’m at worst and be there for me to pull me through. I want a group of friends that come over for the holidays and that will go on vacations with me. I want people I can be completely myself around, that will make me laugh and be happy every single moment I’m around them.

What do you wish for your future? It’s never too late to figure out what you really want in life. I’m sure I missed a few things, but I think I would be very content with this seven.

Thanks for reading,


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