15 Unproductive Things to Do During the “Snowpocalypse”

1. Post weather updates every twenty seconds, as if no one else gets them.

2. Stare at your homework, as if you might begin to finish it, but you won’t. Not yet.

3. Anticipate for more snow days…even though it may be unlikely.

4. Binge watch Friends on Nettflix. This seems productive to me, actually.

5. Dive into mounds of snow you’re not going to shovel.

6. Look at the weather—you’re not really going outside, are you? You’re just wondering if you get another day to stay in.

7. Take a hot bubble bath. You’ve already showered, and you haven’t been out, so you are essentially wasting water. But it’s a warm bubble bath…Am I right?

8. Desperately wait until Thursday for the Grey’s Anatomy…and for Yang to come back…

9. Worry about the Wildcats losing to Tennessee. No time for that! 26-0 baby!

Why is this GIF of Calipari so amusing?

10. Read your emails. They only stressed me out.

11. Online window shopping. Do I have money yet? Maybe I should be looking for a job…nahh

12. Imagine what Summer is like. Is it real? I have forgotten the essence of pure warmth and the ability to wear shorts outside!

13. Think about grocery shopping…Trust me, there is no Milk or Bread. No point in even trying to go!

14. Eat (basically) crap. Potato chips, ice cream, chocolate, and microwave meals…the best of the best.

15. Consider setting foot outside. Nope. Too cold. No thank you.


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