The Best and Worst of College So Far

My second semester of college is coming up, and I figured I would share some things I’ve learned in the first semester. Here goes:

My favorite thing about college so far is my new, horrible, comfortable, “I don’t really care” style I’ve developed. 

I’ll be honest…I haven’t voluntarily worn jeans since day one. I only wear them when I have to and, even then, I sometimes sneak by with a pair of jeggings. I have six pairs of leggings and I only do my laundry when I run out of them. It’s really sad, but really awesome at the same time.

You want to know what’s worse than paying for college textbooks? Try paying for college ACCESS CODES.

I literally paid $60 for a sheet of paper with a username and password to an online lab. Not only that, but I even waited for them to SHIP THIS LITTLE PIECE OF PAPER IN 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS. And if that doesn’t hit the spot…I have to pay for two access codes this semester. What fun!

Ha, study sessions right before the exam…you mean just pretending like you’re studying and joining a support group…

80% of the study jam sessions consist of talking about how nervous you are, giving each other confidence, and calculating the grade you need to make to pass the exam. Oh, and the occasional blank stare at practice tests and notes as if there were any point in bringing them in the first place. By this time, you know it or you don’t.

I have partied way too hard this semester…with my textbooks…and highlighters…in my room…by myself…

Yeah, I don’t understand. These people that have college parties and whatnot…are they going to real college?  What kind of classes are these people taking? What is the magic behind this? How? Mike and Sully had more parties in Monsters University than I’ve been to…(comparing my life to the lives of fictional characters at this point).

“You should buy a planner for college to stay organized, ” they said.

More like to SURVIVE. I have always been a planner person. I don’t know what I would do with myself each day if it weren’t written down in front of me. But in high school, I remember maybe 40% of my class owning and using a planner…how did they make it in college? It’s as essential as food and water!!

Frozen Pizza. Pizza Rolls. Hot Pockets. Pizza Delivery…the healthiest diet ever.

Add some veggies and pepperoni, and you’ve pretty much nailed the food pyramid. Am I right?

A professor with a Ph.D is pretty much the substitute teacher. Just the person that makes sure everyone is in attendance and doesn’t kill each other…you pretty much have to teach yourself. 

In my biology class, I basically sat in the back of my class answering clicker points for attendance and, occasionally, asking a question when I needed to. I had to teach myself, because…I don’t know. That’s just what you have to do or you’ll never make it.

Thanks for reading,


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