Other Things on the Menu at the Panda Garden

Okay, Harlan Countians, I just don’t know how you do it. HOW do you all continue eating at our restaurant if the only thing you order is Lo-Mein, Sweet and Sour, General Tso’s Chicken?!?! Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE your business!! But, there is so much moreeee that we have to offer!!!

A lot of people ask me “What’s good?” at the Panda Garden. Now, I know I am a bit biased, but seriously…EVERYTHING.

Since I’ve moved, I have yet to come across a Chinese Restaurant that compares to my family’s and when I come home, you better believe that I take advantage. So, you should too!!!

Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 11.25.10 AM

Here are some of my recommendations…

If you like spicy food, and love trying new, cultural tastes, try: Curry Chicken (or Shrimp)

  • A very America-Chinese-ified (made that word up) version of Curry and it is SO, so good. I crave this constantly while I am away. So please, spare me the heartbreak, and eat some for me. If I can’t eat it, someone eat it for me!

If you are a seafood lover, try: Chef’s Special Seafood Delight

  • My dad cooks the best shrimp and scallops in Harlan County. Please, take a moment, and try this out. It has a white sauce, that’s not too overpowering and can be made with a little spice, if you prefer. The broccoli and other veggies are always cooked to perfection, and it’s perfect over white rice.

If you like cornbread “fritters” (I literally had to call someone to make sure I had the correct term) or things with gravy, try: Chicken/Shrimp/Pork Egg Foo Young

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. I could eat it all the time, except the cooks would get annoyed with making it for me. It’s hard to explain this concoction. Sort of like a dinner omelet with onions, and cabbage. And then there’s gravy, and it’s just heaven.

If you like a lot of flavor, try: Shrimp/Chicken/Beef with Garlic Sauce

  • It’s sweet, but not too spicy, but still has a kick! Step away from the General Tso’s and try this out for a change!

If you love beef, and the combination of green peppers and onions, try: Pepper Steak with Onion or Teriyaki Beef

  • The same ingredients, two different ways. Pepper steak has a brown sauce over sauteed peppers and onions—which is always a good mix. Teriyaki Beef is just a genius, and put these three items on a stick and fried them. (As Zack Sloan would say) HELLO, Harlan Countians of all people should know that frying something is always good!!

Are you a wing man or gal? Try our Chicken Wings.

  • I have no idea how my dad’s simple chicken wing recipe turns out to be so good. Always, juicy on the inside. They are very addicting!

So hopefully, you’ve found some new foods to eat at the Panda Garden. We, too often, see people ordering things like Sweet and Sour Chicken (pretty much chicken nuggets) and Lo-Mein (basically, Asian spaghetti). Let’s try something new this time around 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Yin Chen

Call +1(606)573-8800 to place your order 🙂

8 thoughts on “Other Things on the Menu at the Panda Garden

  1. I’ve ate at plenty of Chinese restaurants and I’ve yet to find one that comes even close to being as amazing as Panda Garden! I’ve searched Lexington with no sucess. So proud to have such a great place in my home town!

  2. You forgot to mention the Shredded Chicken in Garlic Sauce. It is awesome. I have had a lot of people say that Panda Garden is the best Chinese they have ever had. I agree.

  3. Thanks for sharing new dishes for us to try. I Love Sesame seed chicken, but I think I will try a new dish the next time. I have been all over, and by far Panda Garden is the best.

  4. You are correct. Every time we eat at a Chinese restaurant my husband says, “But it is not as good as food at Panda Garden. Harlan has the best Chinese restaurant!” Next time we come to Harlan we will have to try one of the things you have described.

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