1989: A Guide for Listening to Taylor Swift’s New (and AMAZING) Album

1989 – Taylor Swift Album

If anyone knows me, I am hopelessly in love with Taylor Swift. I just love everything about her, from her personality to every single lyric that’s ever escaped her breath.

Her new album—1989—was released last Monday, and if you haven’t bought it yet…WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW. I’ve had my deluxe album on replay for the past two weeks, with no regrets. And I’ve created a little guide to listening, extracted from my take on what her music means to me.

I can guarantee that these songs will provoke meaning to you, in even the slightest way. That’s what I love the most about Taylor Swift. She’s been there with me all along, and she’s inspired the most of my sloppy, wretched, amazing, wholesome, unforgiving “love life”—but I wouldn’t change that for anything!

Track 1: Welcome to New York

Here’s a song full of inspiration. Listen when you’ve just came up with a great idea, planned an exciting adventure, a new life goal, etc. The pep in this song will keep you motivated!

Track 2: Blank Space

Listen to this when you realize that you’re just making “love” way too complicated. This song entails a very simple way to look at “love.” It reminds you that love is nothing without happiness and joy—so keep having fun with it, especially if you’re young. This song makes all the worries and confusion go away. Keeping love simple. I like that.

Track 3: Style

Listen to this when you imagine your perfect, dreamy, sexy, quirky, hunk! You know, the guy you fantasize about? And you’re totally lying if you’re not thinking about this fictional man this very second. Think of this classic fantasy, while Taylor sings all about him. She totally gets us, doesn’t she?

Track 4: Out of the Woods

Listen to this when reflecting on that shaky part of your relationship. Allow Taylor to remind you how you’ve overcome struggles, and how much everything was worthwhile. Remember that, now, you two can overcome anything!

Track 5: All You Had To Do Was Stay

Remember when you were with that person? The one that, for some reason, just only entered your life to leave? That guy that made you do all the hard work, made you put in all the effort, yet you still loved him anyway? Well, listen to this when you think of him. Let Taylor remind you that it wasn’t your fault, although you thought it was.

Track 6: Shake It Off

Listen to this song every. single. time. someone brings about “Taylor Swift hate” or any kind of “hate,” for that matter. And just Shake it Off.

Track 7: I Wish You Would

Listen to this song when you desperately want to “subtweet” or give a hint to that special someone that says something along the lines of “I STILL LOVE YOU. COME BACK TO ME, PLEASE.” but you can’t because…well…that’s just a little much.

Track 8: Bad Blood

Listen to this song when you think about that ex-lover that ruined a perfectly, and utterly amazing relationship for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. Like, why??? Think about him. Listen to this song. And never think about him again.

But, keep listening to this song, of course. It’s incredibly catchy.

Track 9: Wildest Dreams

Think about that dream guy one more time. Because thinking about him only once, is never enough. Listen to this song, and splurge a little with your fantasies. Doesn’t hurt!

Track 10: How You Get The Girl

Nonchalantly, play this song anytime you’re near your crush…it should work, right? Taylor, teach him/her how to love me!!

Track 11: This Love

Remember the Red (Track 2) from the last album (also named Red)? This song is the new version of that song. Listen to it when you can’t explain your feelings for that certain someone, and have no idea what to do. Listen to it, and let Taylor reassure you that that’s normal.

Track 12: I Know Places

Listen to this song when you want to escape! When you feel like packing your bags with that special guy and catching the first flight out of town. Everyone’s been in a relationship that has been “disapproved” of, whether it be by family, society, friends, etc. BUT WHO CARES IF THEY DISAPPROVE? Listen to this song, when you feel like leaving their disapproval behind and running away with that magical feeling of carelessness and love.

Track 13: Clean 

Listen to this, when you’re at that point in your life where you need a wake up call. When you realize you have a decision to make, when you realize you’ve got to start bettering yourself, etc. Listen to this song when you have a break though, and allow Taylor to be proud of you.

Like I said, if you don’t own this album, you need to ASAP! Here are links to get you started:




Thanks for reading,

Yin Chen

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