Transportation at UK: Ruining Expectations

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 12.23.19 PM

So, if you’re ever at the University of Kentucky, don’t ever expect to find good parking.

And if you do, don’t ever expect that it will happen again.

Don’t even expect that will be good parking in the really far parking lot.
Don’t expect to get in your car and not see a small slip of paper on your windshield asking for money.
Don’t expect LexTran to be nice or give you a warning or “let the first one slip.”
Don’t expect that parking just a little out of the lines is okay.
Don’t expect to always go to your car and it be there (not towed).
Don’t expect them to tell you why you’re car was towed.
And don’t expect it to be cheap to get your car back.

Don’t expect parking to be cheap either.
And don’t expect to win the parking pass lottery.

Don’t ever expect to get anywhere on time. You are either early or late; there is no in between.

Don’t expect to park in your friends’ drive way, or that you’ll be able to park from a relatively short distance from their place.

Don’t expect traffic will ever go away.
Don’t expect that other drivers will be good to you.
Don’t expect to be nice to other drivers either.

Don’t expect green lights.
Or that you’ll get to even go through them if they are green.

Don’t expect that your route will be completely free of construction.
Don’t ever expect to fully drive on Rose Street.

Definitely don’t expect the buses to run every five or ten minutes like they say.
Don’t expect that you’ll be able to catch the next one.
Don’t expect that the buses will wait for you, or will always stop for you.
Also, don’t expect to find always find seat on the bus.

Don’t expect that a bike will always be easier, although it might be a little more convenient.
Don’t expect to wear anything but boots or tennis shoes in the rain. or the snow.

Don’t expect any of this. Seriously.
Just don’t.

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