A Chemistry Lab

In roughly 35 hours, I will begin my first class on the road to a college degree. How exciting, right? I guess I should be excited, but I really don’t know. It’s still not truly hit me.

So, the “money saving” me took my cousins’ (sophmore, junior, and senior at UK) advice not to buy any books until after the first class. Because sometimes, they ended up buying books they didn’t need. And most of their professors weren’t upset about not having their materials on the first day. So, “money-saving” me didn’t want to buy anything unnecessary and waited until classes started…

or until a few days before they started. That’s when “OCD” me came in. You know, the one who has to be prepared for everything and there is no such thing as being too prepared even if it means spending money. Wow, sometimes I feel like I’m two people.

In the past two days, I’ve stressed myself to death over starting college. I tried to get everything done way beforehand so I didn’t have to worry about it. But then I got an e-mail.

The e-mail, “Welcome to CHE 105.” I know it sounds welcoming, but that’s my chemistry professor saying “ARE YOU READY FOR COLLEGE? I HOPE SO, BECAUSE HERE IT IS!

Now, I don’t know her personally…but that’s what the subject of the e-mail seemed like to me. Maybe I’m overreacting.

Moving on…my first college class ever is a General Chemistry Lab…how exciting! Oh wait, that means i can’t wear my first day outfit (because it’s not proper lab attire). And…I remember how hard labs were in high school…Oh no, I am not prepared!!

So that’s went through my mind. And usually when things like that go through my mind, I do this:
– freak out
– spend the next four hours trying to learn more about it so that I can better prepare myself (even if it’s 2 in the morning)

And I spent loads of time on BlackBoard…something I’m also not used to, to figure out this Chemistry lab. I looked up our first “experiment,” which is over plagiarizing. It is a lab…but not a “lab” lab…as in, has nothing to do with any of the lab equipment that I can’t remember the names for (Sorry, Crabtree…it’s been two years!). But then again, it also has a lot of “summarizing” and English stuff…which I haven’t had in a while either. OH MY GOSH WHY COLLEGE WHY. I TOTALLY FORGET YOU WERE STILL EDUCATION!

So, then, I proceed to read three chapters in a Chemistry Lab manual, and a lot of it seemed to come back to me. I remember writing in lab notebooks and shit! Yay! But then I start to cry. Because I realize, college is going to be a lot harder than high school, and I really just miss Mrs. Crabtree and her cradled arms in the lab at my high school…

And Mrs. Jones.
And Mrs. Doss.
And Mrs. Freyer.
Mrs. Luttrell.
And Mrs. Burkhart.
And Mrs. Estep.
And everyone else…

Thanks for reading,

Yin Chen

P.S. Thanks to all the awesome teachers that got me this far and took care of me in the last four years. I will truly miss your comfort!


3 thoughts on “A Chemistry Lab

  1. You just told the story of my chemistry preparations. I have stressed to the max over this and I’m still completely unprepared. Hopefully this goes better than I expect!

  2. Awwww! Miss you, too, but you will be fine-no, better than fine- you will be fantastic! Between your brains and your organizational skills, college will be a breeze! (But remember, we’re all still here when you need to vent or to hear an encouraging word!)

  3. I miss you too! It’s all scary and overwhelming because it’s new but in a couple days you’ ll have everything down to routine. You’re fabulous Yin and you’re prepared for this!! I’m just a phone call or text message away if you need to vent. 🙂

    *Remember…you can do hard things! You kicked U.S. History and APUSH butt and it was hard at first!

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