Review: Southeastern Expeditions


Southeastern Expeditions

On our vacation to Charleston, SC we went on a little detour to stop in Clayton, GA for some white water rafting on the Chattooga River, and let me go ahead an tell you that it was totally worth it!

The five of us have never been white water rafting before, but this trip (like I said) was set out to be adventurous, so, of course, we had to make the stop.

We set out early in the morning to check in, and one of the main guides gave us a short (and hilarious) lesson on rafting and safety. He threw in a few jokes which made the usual boring precaution a lot more exciting as we were ready to jump in the raft and float down the river.

Our raft guides were Nathan and Lang, and they were such a joy to be with for the 5 mile trip. They were so wild and exciting that it made me feel like I was still a little kid at 4H Camp (something I will always miss!).

Southeastern Expeditions

We caught a short bus ride and walked down to the beach. Teamwork was a key motive during the day, while everyone had their part in pitching in. We carried our rafts, lunch, paddles, lifejackets, helmets, ropes, etc. down to the beach and then we set out on six hours of rafting fun!

It turned out to be a lot more intense than we had imagined. They categorized each rapid by its intensity letting us know ahead of time how hard we had to hold on. But we really loved the Section IV 4+’s!

Nathan was super easy to understand and Lang was absolutely crazy, but we loved it.

We stopped several times to take a break. Occasionally, a few of us would fall out of the raft (Well, maybe just Eric), but we got ’em back in with no worries.

We climbed onto a rock to jump into deep water, stopped by the one of the most beautiful water fall sights (It didn’t even seem real!), saw the critters of the Chattooga River, and captured a true adventure.

Southeastern ExpeditionsAfter starving for a little bit, we stopped for lunch (which I didn’t even know we got, thank god we did). Sandwiches and snacks filled us up pretty quick as we had splashed around all day.

All in all, it was an amazing experience, and I think I can easily say that we would go back in a heartbeat. We even had a kayak follow us around to get great action shots of the entire trip! We were sad to leave, but we will definitely be back when we get the chance!



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