Review: Charleston Surf Lessons

10502233_827697410576255_4222073377529804923_n10+ hours from home, the five of us began our first day in Charleston, SC with a stellar surf lesson.

From the get go, we decided to fill this vacation with new and exciting adventures from white water rafting to wake boarding to sailing to SURFING! And we had a BLAST!

We got ahold of Josh last week to set up an appointment with them, and were pleasantly surprised to learn that they were located right in front of our hotel (Tides Folly Beach). How convenient!

We didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into, but that only filled us with excitement. Anxious to hit the water, Monday morning, we headed down to that black tent and were greeted with two easygoing guys that totally fit the surfer vibe.

Dawson and Ryan/Adam (sadly can’t remember his name nor figure it out on their wall!) were the two great instructors that showed us the basics of surfing on the sand just minutes before we took off into the water. The sun was hot, and the waves were high, so it turned out being a perfect day for our mini-adventure.

Eric and Gavin, the eldest guys of our group caught on pretty easily. Lala, Jimmy, and I swallowed our jealousy along with the saltwater, but we still had a good time. Believe it or not, I got a few good rides out of it!

It wasn’t as hard as we anticipated, which was great! The instructors were with us the entire time and we truly felt secure amongst the water. They were very laid back, but still provided aid in a way that made surfing very comfortable and easy to learn. We laughed as we were swung around in the water knowing confidently that they wouldn’t just let us drown (a big thumbs up for me—drowning isn’t my favorite thing).

The hour and a half we had with them was truly worth it. We had such an amazing time. Eric even picked up a surfboard rental (at McKevlin’s Surf Shop) afterwards to test out the waters again the next morning.

Now, we’re no pro-surfers after one lesson with them, but it was just enough to have a great time and learn something we never thought we could do.

If you’re in the area and feel like surfing is something you’ve always wanted to try, hit up Charleston Surf Lessons—you definitely won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading.



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