April 21, 2014

Today has been an eventful day, but for once in the past year or so, I can finally see my life pulling together. For the moment, at least.

Today, I woke up happy. I felt refreshed when I arose, and even decided to walk to school on this bright, sunny morning.

Today, I learned that I was accepted into UK’s Psychology Scholars Program.

Today, I learned that my FAFSA Verification process is FINALLY over!!

Today, is one of the last five mondays I have in high school (one of the last 29 days, to be exact!)

Today, I got notice that all the details about my housing situation are good to go, and that on May 1st, I will have my own place!

Today, I played the hardest I ever in tennis, and, although I lost 6-8, I felt accomplished. (Plus, I won my doubles match!)

Today, I was honored to be offered to paint props for the elementary play (and I finished drawing half of them this evening!)

Today was all-around a good day—something I haven’t had in quite a while. And, for once, I am thankful. I realize that I should be more often.

I’m sure not many truly care. But I couldn’t pass the opportunity to blog.

I am completely WORN OUT, but I feel GREAT!

Thank you, today.


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