My “Promposal”

Last year, as a junior, prom was not my thing. The stereotypical high school girly girl that awed at the thought of attending a huge school dance wearing sparkly dresses and the highest heels on the market was not me in any form or fashion. I’m definitely not that girl, and “prom,” to me, was just an overrated dance that girls spend way too much money on. I learned that my freshman year when I paid for a $440 dress that  I still have not worn again since 2011.

But, of course, with all my friends bugging me about going and the stress of the year, I knew that I would  regret the day I did not go to my Junior prom. So, I went.

Two weeks before prom, I pulled a dress out of my closet, a nice pair of heels, and ended up going with my best friend. Luckily, I escaped all the stress of picking out a dress and shoes and hair and this and that—I didn’t even look at flowers—and it became one of the best nights ever.

That being said, I knew that I could not pass the opportunity again. Every girl has to attend their senior prom, right?

In contrast with last year, I can hardly escape the stress. I suppose this is what usually go through girls’ minds when they don’t decide to go to prom just two weeks beforehand. I have to make this year one to remember.

After countless of “nope, not going” talks with my best friend while picking out dresses, I realized that I was not making prom any fun. I continually thought, “if I don’t end up with a dress in the next two hours, I’m not going.” But then again, I also thought, I had to. So, like last year, I just pulled a red dress out of the rack at the store and went with it. The store I went to also had a sale of shoes with the purchase of a dress, so I just picked shoes out too. I’m good to go.

That being said, I just want everyone that is stressing about prom to know: Prom isn’t about a dress.

Or a tux.

Or the shoes you’re wearing.

Or your hair.

Or what kind of  flowers you have.

Or whether your garter has your name on it.

It’s about spending one night with the closest people you know and making it one to remember. It’s a celebration of the year and all that you’ve accomplished. Just a little reminder of that.

Make your prom enjoyable. Not stressful.

Now that that little (or big) rant is over, I want to get to the true reason for this post and share with you my “promposal.”

As a senior, I decided that this prom was MY prom. So, although I knew Eric would be my date, he does not get to pay for tickets or ask me to go. If anyone knows me, they know that I’m pretty independent, and I enjoy doing things for myself. Especially when those things are MY things.

So, I get to ask. Sorry, but not sorry to Eric if he feels emasculated.

I probably should’ve asked long ago, but I couldn’t figure out a way. I didn’t necessarily have to ask,  as we decided  he would be my date long ago, but I wanted it to be special. I felt that I should ask more formally, so I did.

Picking the right promposal is a VERY stressful task. If it is comparable to any real proposal, I have mad respect for the married. In my mind, it had to perfect and one to remember. But, as I said before, after rethinking over and over, I could not make turn this into something stressful.

I went on a whim this wednesday when I found myself very bored and had nothing to do. I probably could’ve found something to do (like scholarship essays), but, as I said in my last post, “senioritis” has hit me pretty hard.

I decided I would start my promposal and do something crafty. I love crafts, and it fit my prom mantra of “fun not stressful!” Inspired by Pinterest, I decided I would make string art with nails and call it a day. At the time, I did not realize how bad I am with tools and how hard this was going to be. Now that I look back, I would probably the absolute worst carpenter on the planet and I am sure that this is not something I will invest in towards a future career.

I went down to the basement to find some spare wood that I could nail letters into and picked something long, wide, and pretty light so that it would be “easy” to work with. I have no experience with wood at all, and I think I actually pulled out a piece of hardwood flooring…if that’s what it is even called.

Putting nails into this thing became the MOST DIFFICULT TASK ON THE ENTIRE PLANET. I am a failure with tools and do not have hand-eye coordination to use a hammer. Oh, my poor thumb!!!!

Nails were flying across my room with my poor angled hammering, and my siblings thought I was losing my mind. They all came into my room wondering what the heck I was doing. They usually see me with more peaceful crafts, like painting or sewing. That image this night was me furiously beating nails into a piece of flooring trying sooooo hard to make it go far enough to just stay in place…

Finally finished nailing!

After I finished the “P”, “R-O-M-?” seemed never ending. The thing took me three hours. I promise I won’t be building anything else any time soon. I am very, very bad at it.

Stringing the words was much more easy. This is comfort zone ends with crafts.

After showing a few friends, I was asked if it lit up. I don’t exactly know how this question came up so many times, but I suppose that was what it needed.

I had some battery powered Christmas lights in my craft closet and decided to put them to good use. I grabbed a hot glue gun, and hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t melt or blow anything up. After all my sweat and tears, I was extremely paranoid about messing my sign up. Luckily, nothing melted or exploded and I survived the craft—Thank God!

I told Eric that I was building something for him, and he was on the tips of his toes with curiosity. He has to work all week, so I decided I would wait until Saturday night to ask. I might be accused of enjoying his torture just a little bit…

At one point he forgot about it and walked into my room overlooking it. When I realized it was out in the open, I had to force him to shut his eyes until I could cover it up. He whined a lot, but, as he likes to say, disaster avoided!! I would have been in rage if he saw all my hard work before it was ready!

Finally, it was Saturday, and my anxiety was creeping out of the pit I shoved it in to avoid it. I pictured Eric just taking one glance at my poor craftsmanship and laughing away at it. Of course, now that I think about it, he would never do that.

I went to the store to grab some extra goodies to accompany the question: a teddy bear, a pug calendar (so that he can look at cute pugs all the time and convince himself to buy one for me), and—his all time favorite—a box Crunch Berries cereal. Not much, but this was an easygoing fun (and not stressful!) thing.

I waited for countless hours for him to get home to this. Of course, my mother would have him work late on the night I decide to finally get the guts to ask! I give it to Modern Family for making this wait a bit more enjoyable.

I set everything up in his room, and decided that I wasn’t even going to be in there when he saw it. I would just sit in the living room and let him walk in on it. One part of me just didn’t want to face the possible laughter, and the other part decided he definitely wouldn’t see it coming if I acted like nothing was there. It definitely caught him off guard.

A minute or two after he walked in, I decided to go in as well. I crossed my fingers hoping that he wasn’t in the floor crying of laughter or sadness or anything. When I walked in and saw that grin from ear to ear, I was happily eased. He liked it! And he said yes!!

The finalized "promposal" set up for Eric.
The finalized “promposal” set up for Eric.

If you want to leave a comment about how you asked or how someone asked you, I’d love to hear it below! Thanks for reading!


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